Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team, which is made up of nine qualified 7th and 8th graders passionate, hard-working, and self-driven individuals who collaborate as a team to serve as role models to the student body & entire community.  Student Leadership team members are motivated to make student experiences at ASB positive, inclusive and fun.

SLT Prerequisites

  • 7th or 8th grade student at ASB
  • A willingness to bring new ideas and energy to weekly Student Leadership Team meetings, which will be held during lunch recess each Monday (and possibly a 2nd day) 
  • Collaborate with the entire SLT and staff to plan and execute upcoming events for the school year
  • Maintain 3's and 4's on your report card
  • Have a history of little discipline policy violations
  • Complete the  Application Packet by the deadline, and attend an interview

Responsibilities & Code of Conduct

Being selected for SLT requires you to be willing to devote time (both at school and away from school), and energy to ASB student activities.  More than giving of your time and talents, you have the opportunity to learn skills which will allow you to become a more effective leader, planner, and organizer. You will learn how to set goals and to effectively take steps in achieving those goals. This job teaches successful strategies in how to communicate with others as well as planning meaningful and organized events and activities. You will get out of this experience what you put into it. 

  • Active and positive participation in ASB Student Leadership Team meetings (Mondays each week, during lunch recess), and all SLT-sponsored student activities
  • Organizing and planning student activities that are representative of ASB School and its mission
  • Be an example for the student body by wearing the proper uniform daily 
  • Be respectful of other students, faculty and staff, and parent volunteers
  • Maintain 3's and 4's and a clean discipline record 
  • Be a positive representation of ASB School both on & off campus, an equal to his or her peers
  • Participate fully in spirit days 
  • Attend SLT-sponsored student events from start to finish, and contribute in the planning and execution of these events 
The Student Leadership Team is mentored by teachers Mr. Van Pelt and Ms. Caballero.