Annual Fund

Every Gift, Every Family, Every Year

The Annual Fund plays a vital role in our success, as tuition and parish subsidies only cover 85% of operating costs.  The remaining percentage is largely made up through contributions to the Annual Fund.

Every Gift – Every contribution we receive has a huge impact on a student’s education.  Your gift helps fund our exceptional teachers, enrichment programs, specialty classes such as art, music, and drama, technology, and service learning… of which make ASB unique.

Every Family – It takes the financial support of every current family, alumni and alumni families, and community members to ensure student success and ASB’s financial sustainability.

Every Year – Donating to the Annual Fund is the best way to directly support ASB School.  Every year we depend on your generous support to provide a Catholic education that is accessible and affordable.


How Your Gift Impacts ASB

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2020-21 Annual Fund Chairs 

Johnson Family

The Johnson Family: Allen, Carleigh, Charlotte (3rd), and Adelyn (1st).

We’ve been blessed to be a part of the ASB community for the past 4 years. After spending a couple of years out-of-state for Allen’s career, we moved back to Seattle seeking a remarkable school and supportive community for our two daughters. We’ve found that and more in Assumption St. Bridget School.

From the moment we took a tour, we knew we had found the type of environment in which our daughters could thrive. Knowing their unique personalities and needs, we knew that the smaller class size and a faith-based curriculum was a must. What we didn’t know was how much we would we come to value the mission of the school, the superb faculty and the incredible community we’ve met.

We’ve made Annual Fund contributions a priority in our annual charitable giving as we know first-hand the value that these funds add to our school. Without your support, it might not be possible for ASB to continue to fund a full-time school psychologist, dedicated art, music and drama teachers, and retain our loving and experienced staff.

Mrs. Conklin and the rest of the faculty exhibit the type of forward-thinking leadership needed to be successful in today’s changing environment. The other day, we overheard our youngest daughter correcting her big sister as she commented about her not knowing how to read. Adelyn very articulately and clearly replied, “No, sissy, I don’t know how to read YET!” These types of interactions are a direct reflection of incorporating the growth mindset in the curriculum. It’s an amazing thing to witness!

We’re honored to be the 2020-2021 Annual Fund Chairs. We know how much ASB means to our family and the importance of being able to keep tuition affordable, retain our talented teachers and provide exceptional and diverse curriculum for our children.

As you consider your contribution to the Annual Fund, we encourage you to reflect upon your children’s experiences at ASB and the growth you’ve witnessed. Your generosity makes many of the unique offerings at ASB a possibility.

Thank you so much for your support!

Allen & Carleigh Johnson 

2020-21 Annual Fund Chairs