PreK at ASB is a Kindergarten-readiness program for 4-year-olds. It is dynamic, energetic, and individualized for each student’s social-emotional, academic, and spiritual growth. Our program meets Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 12:30PM and has space for 40 children. Each class will have up to 20 students with one teacher and one instructional aide. Students must be at least four-years-old by August 31st to apply.
We offer an optional extended care from 12:30–5:30PM for families that prefer a later pick-up. Families may select from a three or five day a week aftercare and are billed monthly for the additional cost. A one-month commitment is required for aftercare.

PreK Curriculum

Our program follows an emergent style curriculum that promotes academic and social kindergarten readiness and spiritual growth. A meaningful learning experience is created across the curriculum centered around the children’s interests. Teachers will be observing, brainstorming, and documenting students’ interests throughout the days and weeks, with an emphasis on cooperation, respect, responsibility, and community.

Students will participate in a variety of learning opportunities throughout their day including project work that integrates math, science, and literacy as well as active and creative play. They will experience some whole group instruction, along with small group rotations and discovery centers. Students are encouraged to build their initiative, academic readiness, persistence, collaborative skills, and self- reliance. PreK students also have lessons in music, drama, P.E. and library. Outside play is frequent with a designated playground and natural outdoor classroom extension. Students have opportunities to participate in school-wide liturgies, celebrations, events, and Student Buddy Mentorship Program.

The classroom environment is an important piece of our curriculum because our environment plays a deep influence on brain development during these formative early years. Our classroom space is divided into several areas that are defined but flexible in order to adapt to the needs of the current class.

Writing Workshop

This is a shared workspace where children may choose to work at a seated or stand-up table. Here you may find a child making a project with paper and tape, creating a sign to save their blocks structure, or being creative with pen and paper!


This is a quieter, cozier space where you may find children reading or solving puzzles independently or together. Our prayer area is a also located here, and we have religion instruction in this warm, welcoming space.

Light Table

This is a group space for children to explore light, color, literacy, and math concepts. You might find children building a dollhouse out of translucent blocks, or examining X-rays from the veterinarian's office.

Art Studio

This is a flexible space for children to create. For example, you may find children drawing on the kid-level chalkboard, sculpting with clay, or painting on an easel.

Math and Science

Math, counting and science are woven into everything we do in PreK. Children are challenged to think conceptually about numbers, with the goals of building a strong number sense and math confidence for all students. Science lessons are hands-on, focused on exploration and problem-solving.

Dramatic Play

This is a collaborative space for children to be imaginative and to process social dynamics.  Children are encouraged to be creative and role play.

Building Zone

Children use this large rug space when working with large or small blocks or other manipulatives to build roads, garages for cars, or encourage each other to build the tallest structure in the world.

Tumbling Gym

This is a fun space for large body play and gross motor development. Children can practice yoga poses, toss bean bags, or balance across the balance beam.