Pre-K at ASB is a Kindergarten-readiness program for 4 turning 5 year-olds.  It is dynamic, energetic, and individualized for each student’s social-emotional, academic, and spiritual growth.  Our program meets Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm and has space for 40 children. Each class will have up to 20 students with one teacher and one instructional aide. Students must be at least 4 years old by August 31st to apply.

Pre-K Curriculum

Our program follows an emergent style curriculum that promotes academic and social kindergarten readiness and spiritual growth.  A meaningful learning experience is created across the curriculum centered around the children’s interests.  Teachers will be observing, brainstorming, documenting students’ interests throughout the days and weeks, with an emphasis on cooperation, respect, responsibility, and community.

Students will participate in a variety of learning opportunities throughout their day including project work that integrates math, science, and literacy as well as active and creative play.  They will experience some whole group instruction, along with small group rotations and discovery centers.  Students are encouraged to build their initiative, academic readiness, persistence, collaborative skills, and self- reliance. Pre-K students also have lessons in music, drama, P.E. and library.  Outside play is frequent with a designated playground and natural outdoor classroom extension.  Students have opportunities to participate in school-wide liturgies, celebrations, events, and Student Buddy Mentorship Program.