Scrip Fundraising Program

ASB proudly runs one of the largest scrip programs in the nation grossing around $45,000 annually.  Funds raised directly support our operating costs and teachers' salaries.  This volunteer lead fundraising program supports the school at no extra cost to you.  We purchase gift cards at a discount and then sell them to the ASB community at face value.  We receive 2% – 20% on each card, depending on the retailer.  Scrip is sold weekly, monthly, and is also available for purchase at both St. Bridget and Assumption churches after mass.  We ask every family to support ASB by purchasing scrip regularly.  For questions and volunteer opportunities, please email

Gift Cards

Below are just some of the gift cards available.  Check out an order form to see more!


Kroger (QFC & Fred Meyer)

Metropolitan Market




Dennis Uniform

Gap/Banana Republic/ Old Navy/ Athleta

Gene Juarez




Coffee Shops


Cafe Javasti

Top Pot

Monthly Standing Orders

The easiest way for you to support scrip is to sign up for a monthly standing order. Simply select the cards you’d like to receive on a monthly basis (your predictable monthly expenses), complete the standing order form, and include a cancelled check for auto-deduct from your checking or savings account. Deductions are made on the 10th of each month.  Check the Bulldog Bulletin for the exact date standing orders will go home each month.

This is a great way to budget your spending! If you have additional needs throughout the month, simply complete the weekly scrip order form. Your monthly order may be changed as your needs change. 

Special Orders

Special orders are also a great way to support our school. Does your company need a large amount of small denomination gift cards? Are you working on a special project at home – updating appliances, new furniture, painting? There are many gift card options available with scrip, and we’d love to help you!  For a complete list of vendors, visit: – click under the SHOP button and browse from there. Please email with your special order.