Mission & Philosophy


As a Catholic parish school, Assumption – St. Bridget School has the unique responsibility to proclaim the Good News of Jesus through the education of children in the Catholic tradition in a school that strives to be accessible and affordable to all who desire this education. While maintaining high educational standards, the school creates learning opportunities that support parents as the primary educators of their children; build a faith community; develop ethical and moral thinking; provide service to the entire community; and address the ways in which children learn.


We strive to effectively teach the whole child through seeing each child as a unique individual with particular learning strengths, needs and preferences, as well as a powerful personal history. Our goal is to create students who are life-long learners with a broad worldview and the skills and confidence to be leaders and role models of Catholic teaching. We commit ourselves to continuous development in our understanding of the learning-assessing-teaching process and in the refinement of our skills as teachers and administrators in implementing best educational practices based upon research, self-assessment, and experience.

We commit ourselves to providing diverse ways in which students can experience themselves as challenged, supported and successful in their present lives; which build the moral, social, intellectual, and personal skills for productive living and leadership as adults; and which provide the foundation for ethical thinking, self-direction and a commitment to continued personal growth.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations


The faculty and staff, in consultation with the ASB community, developed the Schoolwide Learning Expectations.  These guide all of our decisions, to ensure that our practices are aligned with the school's mission and philosophy.  Each student of Assumption-St. Bridget School will be a:


1. Reflective Person of Faith

2. Respectful and Contributing Member of Local and Global Community

3. Competent and Confident Learner

4. Self Directed Learner

5. Effective Communicator