Bryan Van Pelt

Mr. Van Pelt is one of two music teachers at ASB.  He teaches PreK, Kindergarten, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th grade music classes.  In addition to this, he instructs a before and after school band program as well as directs the 7th and 8th grade Student Leadership Team. Mr. Van Pelt has worked at ASB for six years.  His main teaching philosophy is simply put as "person first, student second".  He is dedicated to forming honest and respectful relationships with the students on a personal and human level first.  If these bonds are not formed, then the learning process will not flourish.  Mr. Van Pelt truly sees the ASB students as people with feelings, emotions, stories, and backgrounds.  One of his favorite accomplishments is holding the 4th grade "Music Informance" for families.  This event allows 4th grade parents and family members to attend a music class and watch their child learn in real time.  Families are always blown away by the countless skills their child demonstrates in a typical music class.