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Below you will find important documents, parent resources, traffic information, and our Emergency Plan. If you have any questions please reach out the the Front Office.

Frequently Used Forms

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Covid Traffic Plan 

Please be sure you have thoroughly read all information that has been provided by classroom teachers for your drop-off/pick-up times and locations. Please click HERE for the main campus (PreK - 4th) traffic map.  Please see HERE for St. Bridget (5th - 6th) traffic map. 

Traffic Recommendations

In order to keep families and neighbors safe and secure and to ensure that traffic moves as efficiently as possible, we strongly encourages families to do the following:
  • Carpool with other families
  • Walk or bike to school
  • Stagger your family’s pick-up times. Pick up your children 10-15 minutes after school is dismissed
  • Use Extended Care to allow your family to pick-up and drop-off at times that are outside of the school day.  Contact Dylan Pouley or Kai Bond to make Extended Care arrangements.
  •  Use public transportation:
    • Metro Bus 71 travels East and West on NE 65th
    • Metro Buses 64 and 65 travel North and South on 35th AVE NE
    • Metro Bus 372 travels North and South on 25th AVE NE
  •  It is incredibly important that all families and visitors are obeying traffic laws. It is unacceptable to block neighbors’ driveways, disregard the ASB Safety Patrol, drive at unsafe speeds, or use a cellphone while operating an automobile.
    • Section 11.72.110 of the Seattle Municipal Code states: No person shall stand or park a vehicle in front of a public or private driveway within a street or alley or in front of or in an alley entrance or within five feet of the end of a constructed driveway return or alley entrance return, or if none, within five feet of the projection of the edge of the driveway or alley.
  • Blocking of traffic flow on 65 th street is PROHIBITED. If there is no available space when a driver approaches the parking lot entry, they should circle the block via right turns and then enter the lot as the queues dissipate.
  • ASB Families must obey the following changes to the ASB School Traffic Plan:
    • No holding/parking on 62 street, East of 33rd Ave NE.  This is an exit route for cars leaving the ASB loop.
    • No accessing the Big Toy line by driving East on 62nd street, West of 32nd Ave NE.
    • Do not drive South on 33rd Ave NE, South of 62nd street.
Families should follow the above guidelines when planning their pick-up and drop-off.  Please follow the traffic flow pictured here. Traffic procedures are established for the safety of all students, and in consideration of our neighbors during busy drop-off & pick- up times.  ASB School families, and neighbors are incredibly important.   Please see the attached letter, sent to the neighbors of ASB School, February 25, 2019.  To the Neighbors of ASB School

Traffic Plan

“Big Toy” – Before School

Drivers drop off students on the sidewalk in front of the main school entrance on 32nd Avenue NE.  Parent volunteers are present to facilitate safe unloading of cars and traffic flow. Do not drop your student anywhere along campus except where parent volunteers are standing.  These areas are identified in green on the above diagram.

“Loop” – Before School

Drivers enter the parking lot on the north side of the school through the entrance on NE 65th Street OR the north gate on 33rd Avenue NE. Please have your students & their belongings ready to safely exit the car when you pull up to a parent volunteer.  Students are allowed to open the car door from the inside, provided it is your car’s turn. Parent volunteers are there to facilitate safe unloading of cars and traffic flow. When exiting the loop, drivers turn right and drive south on 33rd Avenue NE. Left turns are not permitted due to narrow streets.  Please do not drop your student anywhere along campus except in “Loop” or in front of the main entrance at the “Big Toy”, where parent volunteers are standing.  Again, approved drop-off locations are identified in green, on the above diagram.


After School Pick-up

In the afternoon, teachers facilitate the loading of cars at both “Loop” & “Big Toy.”  The afternoon “Loop” operates similar to a ferry terminal loading area.  Cars enter the parking lot starting at 2:15 pm in anticipation of the 3:00 dismissal.  As cars enter the parking lot, they choose to fill one of the 5 holding zone lanes.  The 5 holding lanes are represented in the diagram to the left by the blue lines.  Upon dismissal,  cars take turns, one car at a time,  filtering into a pick-up line, represented in the diagram on the left by the orange and white lines.  The pick up of children is then facilitated by ASB teachers.

Parking: If parking around ASB’s campus, it is mandatory that parking laws are followed. Those coming to ASB, or picking up from ASB, must observe posted parking signs, and regulations. It is illegal to block driveways.

PreK Drop-off/Pick-up:  PreK parents are asked to park on nearby streets and walk students to class, allowing you to sign your child in and out of the classroom. Please remember there is no parking allowed along NE 62nd Street in the morning, or on any ASB noon-dismal days.

Traffic Duty

In order to make morning drop off go more smoothly and be safer for our children, we have parents stand at both of the school drop off locations (4 in the loop and 2 at the Big Toy) and open and close car doors to help facilitate students getting out of vehicles safely.  Each grade is responsible for one month of traffic duty and the parent(s) of each child in that grade must cover two (occasionally 3) 25 minute shifts.

The traffic coordinator randomly assigns duty to each family and sends out those assignments via Sign-up Genius approximately 2 weeks before that grade’s month starts. You will also get a reminder from Sign-up Genius 2 days before your shift(s). If you are assigned a shift you are unable to work, it is your responsibility to find someone to switch with or find someone to cover your shift. Grandparents, spouses, family members or friends are all able to cover your shift for you. This is not an optional volunteer opportunity – but it does count toward your service hours. It is critical to be in your position by 8:10 am and stay until 8:35 to ensure we help ease traffic congestion.

Here are the months that each grade is responsible for covering:
3rd – September
4th – October
5th – November
6th – December and June (both short months)

7th – January
8th- February
2nd – March
1st – April
K – May

Thank you for your help in keeping our kids safe! Please show up on time (8:15) and stay until the end of your shift (8:35). If you are unable to make your assigned shift please trade shifts with another parent and use the Sign-Up Genius to swap duties.

For Loop Duty (Positions 1-4):  Please spread out along the south side of the parking lot, trying to stay east if possible to keep cars moving toward the exit. Do not open a door until a car turns and in the lane to exit the parking lot.

For Big Toy Duty (Positions 5-6):  Parents should stand as far to the north as possible (near the fire hydrant) to encourage drivers to pull as far forward as possible to unload.  If traffic backs up, parents can move south to open doors as needed.  On occasion, the family that lives across the street needs to leave so we will try to stop traffic to make their exit a bit easier.  ASB families parking across the street and walking may need reminders to use the crosswalk at either end of the block.

Frequent Traffic Duty Questions

What time does traffic duty start?

Your first responsibility is to arrive before 8:10, park near the school (note there are several areas you can’t park during drop off due to traffic patterns for ASB drop off, so parking one block away is good). You should be standing in place in the loop or at big toy by 8:10 am, not parking at 8:10 am. Your shift is over and you may leave at 8:35am.

What time can I start to let kids out of cars?

You can begin opening doors at 8:10 to let the students out. Many arrive before 8:10 and wait for traffic duty to begin. There is not supervision before 8:10 am so please do not let them out before that time. If you are an early drop off parent, please wait patiently with your child in your car until 8:10.

Where do I stand?

If you are one of the four parents in the loop, proceed to the North side of the main building of the school and please stand at the cones that are set out for you. We will be making signs that say “1, 2, 3, 4”. Please stand at a designated number spot. We are finding it a problem that loop duty volunteers are either scrunching together and talking to each other during duty, starting too far back so that cars don’t pull all the way forward, or standing too close together to efficiently target four cars. You should be spread out along the entire length of the parking lot with the first volunteer near the fence where cars pull out.

What is my responsibility during traffic duty?

Your responsibility is to open car doors for families as they pull forward and help the children safely out of the car. This may mean just opening the door for bigger kids, or sometimes helping kindergartners to get out of their cars with their backpack and gear in hand. You should move along the line and help all cars that are stopped until the line begins to pull forwards, at that time please shift back to your spots. It is also your duty to wave cars forward and discourage cars from stopping too far back and letting their kids out when there are cars already unloaded and moving forward in front of them. At Big Toy, the line often gets backed up due to cars not being able to turn right onto 65th. Please be sure you are moving along the line and letting kids out safely while this occurs and until the cars can pull forward.

What if I can’t do a shift I’ve been assigned?

Either parent in the family may do your traffic duty, as well as a nanny, friend, grandparents, etc. If none of these people are available to take your shift for you, you need to find somebody else in your grade level to take your shift or swap with you. A simple email to the grade level almost ALWAYS will result in somebody saying they would be happy to swap. At that point, you need to go into sign up genius and do it directly there so that we can take accurate attendance as to who was supposed to be there on what day. It is a fairly simple process to swap with somebody, but please do not hesitate to ask our sign up genius coordinator Wendy Kelley if you have any questions:

It is the policy of Assumption-St. Bridget School to provide a safe and secure learning environment. In such an environment, students, teachers, staff, and volunteers can work creatively and productively, while being prepared to act quickly and decisively at the time of an emergency. The Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is part of a comprehensive and fully integrated emergency management program designed to provide a safe and secure environment. The plan is updated and maintained by ASB School Safety Committee.


In developing an emergency management plan, ASB School seeks to mitigate, prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and human-caused hazards. The goal of safety planning is to enhance the school’s ability to keep emergencies from becoming crises, and by proactively planning, allow school staff to react quickly and appropriately in a variety of situations.


The plan provides emergency preparedness and response information, instructions and guidelines to protect the safety and well-being of students, teachers, staff, and volunteers, as well as visitors who may be on the school campus at the time of an emergency. The plan addresses common emergency situations, such as medical emergencies and power outages, as well as potential natural, technological or human-induced disasters that may occur in the Puget Sound region. The Emergency Response Plan applies to the ASB School campus.


When an emergency plan is activated, the ASB School principal serves as the incident commander, guiding the school through the specific emergency plan to each situation.  Evacuation routes are posted in each room throughout the building and students, teachers, staff, volunteers, and visitors follow evacuation routes and procedures, reuniting, on the school playground. Attendance of all those present in the building during an emergency are monitored and communicated between the incident commander, the school office and the homeroom teachers of each class. All students will be cared for, including any students with special needs and or requirements through a coordinated effort between buddy classes (older classes partnered with younger classes), the school counselor and the homeroom teachers and instructional aides. ASB School stores and will distribute, when needed, emergency supplies, including food, water and any first aide or medications. Communication with parents and guardians will be executed through Alma, ASB School’s student information system, telephone and email. Through these communication tools, and the procedures and protocols laid out in the ASB School Emergency Handbook, ASB School will coordinate the safe return of students to families.


Due to security concerns, ASB School does not publish the plan in its entirety. If you would like to review the plan or have questions about any part of the plan, please contact Vice Principal of Operations, Dylan Pouley.