Start A Club

Starting an After School Club

Each spring, the Parent Board conducts a survey of the parent community to determine interest in club offerings. Based on the results of this survey, five clubs are selected for each trimester of the coming school year.  If you have ideas or suggestions for a new club offering, please follow the process outlined below.

Overview: ASB supports after school clubs and enrichment that supports our student’s growth in the areas of Science, Math, Chess, Foreign Language to Lego Technology and Robotics clubs.  Though there are many interest areas for our students and parents, we have a process to add new clubs and managing clubs in general.

Following are the steps to start and in managing after school clubs and enrichment at ASB:

Submit new request overview information to Parent Board for review of the new club request.  The information below should be sent to the Parent Board member who handles after school clubs and enrichment.

New Club Request Overview Information

  • Please describe the proposed Club:  (as an example:  This is a Spanish club to teach elementary language skills)
  • Who will teach or lead students for this club (i.e. An outside facilitator, parent, teacher):
  • If an outside facilitator will instruct students, please attach a bio or experience of the facilitator(s) along with any contracts or specific requirements that the outside facilitator
  • What grades will this club support?
  • How many students can be in the club? What is student/instructor ratio?
  • What are the costs of the club?
  • How much space is needed at ASB and any other specific needs for the club to take place?  What are the dates and times?
  • How do you feel this club, or after school activity, will bring value to ASB students?
  • Safety Requirements:  Please review and assure the following requirements are discussed with any Vendors or Contractors prior to submitting a request for a new enrichment program:
  • Archdiocesan Safe Environment Requirement:  Any person(s) that will be leading and/or assisting a club or program on the ASB campus must take the Seattle Archdiocese “Call to Protect” class and an annual renewal classes as required by the Archdiocese.  This requirement applies to both parents as well as any non-parent.  Please validate that the instructor is willing to meet the requirements.  More information on these classes can be found at
  • CICS Background Check: Any person(s) that will be leading and/or assisting the program on the ASB campus must have had a CICS background check on file at ASB.  The completed form can be submitted to the ASB Administrative Assistant for processing (which can take about a week).  Please note, this screening is more stringent than the Washington State Patrol background check, so it cannot be used as a substitute for the CICS screening.
  • Insurance:  Any vendor that would like to implement a program at ASB must have a non-profit status as well as insurance policies with $1 million in sexual abuse coverage and $1 million in liability coverage. Please note: If a Vendor has the required Insurance amount, they do not need to take the Safe Environment training and do not require a CICS background check.
  • Parent Support:  If a vendor is able to satisfy the requirements, their program can be implemented at the school as long as an ASB parent organizes the program as the Lead Volunteer with Co-Leads (as needed).  Parent volunteers must be present while the program is in session at the school.
    • Find a Lead Volunteer or Co-Leads to develop and organize the club:  The Lead Volunteer or Co-Leads will set up the club initially.  The initial set up will include:
    • Club Approval: After the overview information is submitted to the Parent Board, the lead(s) will provide information as needed to the Parent Board and the Principal to determine if the club will be approved.  Considerations for approval of a new club include space availability at ASB along with assurance that the club can be a success at ASB with strong student and parent support.
    • Contract: If an outside resource or company is being brought in to conduct the club, a contract will be needed.  The lead volunteer should coordinate with Cecelia Davison (ASB Business Manager) and deliver a developed contract which will require minimal editing.  This agreement should spell out insurance requirements for any Vendors.
    • Please see the attached contract template to assure the appropriate insurance terms are included.  The contract should also include costs for all time and materials for the club along with per student charges.  ASB asks that all vendors consider scholarships for students as outlined in the attached agreement.
    • Please also note that a $10 administrative fee should be included in the per student cost for the club.  These funds will include ASB administrative costs to support the club.
  • Forms & Documents: Once the Vendor has finalized the contract, please meet with Cecelia Davison to receive the packet of forms needed to get the vendor on boarded (i.e. I9 form, etc.).
  • Space & Timing: Once the contract is finalized, the next step is for the lead volunteer to get space approved along with timing of the space based on the start and end date of the club and the day (s) during the week that the club will be held at ASB.  The contact to coordinate space is Mary Patneaude (front office).
  • Announcement & Enrollment:  Once all of the logistics are completed, the lead volunteer should have the new club announced in the weekly ASB newsletter by sending an email to Mary Patneaude asking to announce the upcoming club.  The lead volunteer will provide a form (see example below) and information for the parents to enroll.  All forms and payments should be sent in to Mary.  Mary will provide a list of enrolled families to the Lead Volunteer.
  • A parent must include payment with the enrollment form in order for their child to be included in enrollment.  If spots are limited, Mary will make a list of the first enrollment forms received, with payment, and can then develop a wait list if needed.  Mary will provide parent payments to Cecilia Davison (ASB Business Manager) who will make payment to the individual or company contracted with (if needed). Please note that the payment procedure will change once the tuition management system is in place.

 Orchestration of Club:  The Lead or Co-Lead volunteers will coordinate parent support needed for the club.  Generally, a lead will send out a Sign-up Genius to the parents who have kids enrolled to participate as needed.  The Lead will determine if snacks are included.

It is required that the Lead, or the parent volunteers, coordinate with the parents to understand where kids will be going after school.  Generally parents will pick up in the parking lot or Big Toy.  Kids that are going to Extended Care should be escorted over and checked in after the meeting is over.  At least one parent volunteer should stay at ASB with the kids until the last child is picked up or escorted to Extended Care.

It’s recommended that the parent volunteers give the kids a 15 minute break between the end of school and the start of the club for kids to transition.  Some volunteers will walk kids around the block or allow time to play on the Big Toy before starting the club or snack time.