volunteers landscapingThe ASB School Parents’ Association has a policy that each family contributes 35 service hours to the school each year. (17.5 hours for single parent and preschool families.) These hours include one hour of traffic duty per child. Additional hours may be given in a variety of ways.

Parents, students, other relatives, friends and neighbors may contribute the hours. There are many varied and rewarding service opportunities for you to help. You can find a calling that matches your skills, the level of commitment you can make and your schedule. There are various opportunities available for you: participating on a committee, working with kids in the classroom or on a fieldtrip or working with school leaders to craft policy.

Volunteer Opportunities

Under the oversight of the Parent Association, ASB School has nearly 40 standing committees (organized into seven groups overseen by the Parent Board) responsible for carrying out specific responsibilities. Each year, the Parent Board recruits individuals to lead these committees. Committee chairs, in turn, are supported by volunteers who sign up through our Volunteer Form. The current opportunities are listed to reflect the Parent Board’s oversight structure. Volunteer Opportunities, including a complete description of all service hour opportunities, can be found here.

Recording Volunteer Hours

Record volunteer hours here. (This link is also available on our website under Parents/Volunteering or on our homepage under Parent Links.)

How to record:

  • Click on the link above
  • You will be prompted to login. Whichever parent has a FACTS account also has a username on our website.
Login: lastname and first initial, all together, no caps. (Like pouleyd – Dylan Pouley)
Password: Temporarily, your password is your first name (dylan)
If you don’t have a username for some reason, you can register using the link. Once logged in, follow the prompts to add your hours.
Here what you do if you are recording several hours:
  • If you need to record 10 hours of work for the auction, pick a day and choose 9am – 7pm and indicate auction hours in the box. We are not going to check days and/or times.

Please note that the Archdiocese of Seattle requires all school volunteers attend a Safe Environment training class through VIRTUS.  Volunteers are required to register and monitor their own compliance through the VIRTUS program.  If you have any questions, please email Mary Patneaude at mpatneaude@asbschool.org.