School Governance

ASB administration benefits from strong, engaged oversight from parents and parishioners. There are a four major oversight bodies, each with a unique role in the overall governance of the school. Please refer to the School Handbook for more information.

Governance Council

Since ASB is sponsored by two parishes, a Governance Council has been established to coordinate the parishes’ shared responsibility. The purpose of the Governance Council is to advise the parish leadership on major policy issues for the school, including the annual budget and admissions policy. Its members are appointed by the parishes.

School Commission

The job of the School Commission is to advise and support the principal in the formation of policy and the ongoing development of the parish school. It is the primary consultative body for the school administration in the areas of planning, policy development, finance, communications and evaluation of the school’s performance. Members are appointed by the principal. School Commission also includes representatives from Parent Board and from each parish’s Pastoral Council.

Finance Commission

The Finance Commission is a subcommittee of the School Commission and it is charged with reviewing and evaluating the school’s financial condition on a monthly basis. This commission also provides input to the principal and School Commission regarding financial policies. The chairperson of this committee is an ex officio member of the School Commission.

Parent Board

The Parent Board is the primary channel for parent involvement and support to the school. Its primary duties include informing parents about school activities, policies and plans; securing strong volunteer leadership to meet school needs; leading school fundraising activities, such as the auction and gift wrap sales; and providing educational opportunities for parents. Parent Association activities are directed by the Parent Board. Parent Board members are elected by current school parents.