Parent Enrichment

students lab workOur Parent Board has teamed up with other schools and parent education groups throughout the Seattle area to bring our Parent Community the best information available in support of parent education.

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Below you will find links to various articles pertaining to topics our parent community has shown an interest in receiving further information about the following topics.

Thanks to everyone who attended the latest parent education night about parenting in the age of technology with Dr. Ann Steel. If you missed it, her presentation, handouts and resource list is posted below.  There are helpful tips on warning signs for technology addiction, how to disconnect and what books or websites to consult for more information.


  • 5 Tips for Raising an Independent Learner

  • Raising Awareness of the Subtle Bullying Behind Exclusivity/Helping your Child NOT be a Bully by Encouraging Inclusive Behavior:

  • The next article comes from the website  With this site, you can create a free account, create a profile of your child and get sent weekly articles tailored to your child’s profile.

  • This is a good article for both girls and boys but focuses on raising girls who are “includers” instead of “mean girls”.

Raising girls who are “includers” instead of “mean girls”

  • Did you know your beliefs’ about math can change your children’s math achievement? Read the following article for more on this topic.

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