Construction Traffic Plan

Traffic Plan while ASB School is under Construction

In order to keep families and neighbors safe and secure and to ensure that traffic moves as efficiently as possible, ASB School strongly encourages families to do the following:

  • Carpool with other ASB Families.
    • Many ASB families live near campus in the neighborhoods of Bryant, Sandpoint, View Ridge, Laurelhurst and Windermere, as well as Ravenna, Green Lake, Wallingford, Ballard, and beyond.
    • ASB School has the access to all of our family’s addresses and is happy to work with family’s to set up carpools, or introduce families that live in similar proximity to each other.
    • ASB is working with carpooling resources.  The POGO program – an online ride-sharing system for parents of students – is a simple and easy way for families to connect and carpool together.
  • Walk or bike to school.
  • Stagger your family’s pick-up times. Pick up your children 10-15 minutes after school is dismissed. Staff and faculty are on site to supervisor students.
  • Use Extended Care to allow your family to pick-up and drop-off at times that are outside of the school day. Contact Dylan Pouley or Kai Bond to make Extended Care arrangements.
  • Use public transportation.
    • Metro Bus 71 travels East and West on NE 65th.
    • Metro Buses 64 and 65 travel North and South on 35th AVE NE.
    • Metro Bus 372 travels North and South on 25th AVE NE.
  • ASB Staff will now be stationed at the corners of 65th and 33rd, 62nd and 33rd, 62nd and 32nd and the driveways or entry to loop.
  • It is incredibly important that ASB families and visitors are obeying traffic laws. It is unacceptable to block neighbors’ driveways, disregard the ASB Safety Patrol, drive at unsafe speeds, or use a cellphone while operating an automobile.
  • ASB Families must obey the following changes to the ASB School Traffic Plan:
    • No holding/parking on NE 62 street, East of 33rd ave NE.  This is an exit route for cars leaving the ASB loop.
    • Cars exiting the Loop, must drive South on 33rd Ave NE and then turn East on 62nd St. to access 35th Ave NE.
    • Big Toy pick-up and drop-off is no longer an option.
    • The ADA entrance is located on 32nd Ave NE, this is the only allowed  pick-up or drop-off along 32nd Ave NE.
    • The South Campus pick-up and drop-off location is along NE 62nd St. in between 33rd Ave NE and 32nd Ave NE.
    • Cars exiting the South Campus pick-up and drop-off location, must drive North on 32nd Ave NE, to access NE 65th St.
    • ASB families are not allowed to drive South on 33rd Ave NE, South of NE 62nd St.
    • ASB families are not allowed to drive West on NE 62nd St., West of 32nd Ave NE.
  • Blocking traffic flow on NE 65th St is prohibited. If there is no legal space available when they approach the north parking lot entry, drivers should circle the block (via right turns) and then enter the lot as the queue dissipates.
  • Blocking the intersections at 33rd Ave NE and 34th Ave NE, as well as vehicle lanes on 35th Ave NE, is prohibited.
    If there is no legal space available when they approach the back of the NE 62nd St queue, drivers should circle the block (via
    right turns) and then enter the back of the queue when space is available.

Families should follow the above guidelines when planning their pick-up and drop-off at ASB.  This is incredibly important during the construction project. 

Please follow the traffic flow pictured here. Traffic procedures are established for the safety of all students, teachers, construction workers and in consideration of our neighbors during busy drop-off & pick-up times.

“South Campus” – Before and after school: Drivers drop off students on the sidewalk along NE 62nd St.  Parent volunteers and ASB Staff are present to facilitate safe unloading or loading of cars and traffic flow. Do not drop your student anywhere along campus except where parent volunteers or ASB Staff are standing.  These areas are identified in green on the above diagram.

“Loop” – Before and after school:  Drivers enter the parking lot on the north side of the school through the entrance on NE 65th Street OR the north gate on 33rd Avenue NE. Please have your students & their belongings ready to safely exit the car when you pull up to a parent volunteer.  Students are allowed to open the car door from the inside, provided it is your car’s turn. Parent volunteers and ASB Staff are there to facilitate safe unloading and loading of cars and traffic flow. When exiting the loop, drivers turn right and drive south on 33rd Avenue NE. Left turns are not permitted due to narrow streets.  Please do not drop your student anywhere along campus except in “Loop” or in front of the main entrance at the “South Campus”, where parent volunteers are standing.  Again, approved drop-off locations are identified in green, on the above diagram.

Parking: If parking around ASB’s campus, it is mandatory that parking laws are followed. Those coming to ASB, or picking up from ASB, must observe posted parking signs, and regulations.  Parking clearances are specified by City Code (Section 11.72.110) and must be maintained: 5-feet from driveways, 15-feet from fire hydrants, and 20-feet from crosswalks and intersections.

PreK Drop-off/Pick-up:  PreK parents are asked to park on nearby streets and walk students to class, allowing you to sign your child in and out of the classroom. Please remember there is no parking allowed along NE 62nd Street in the morning, or on any ASB noon-dismal days.


ASB School families, and neighbors are incredibly important.   Please see the attached letter, sent to the neighbors of ASB School, February 25, 2019.

To the Neighbors of ASB School