One of Assumption-St. Bridget School’s greatest blessings is our large, active and committed group of parents who do so much to make our children’s educational experience as rich as possible.  Parental involvement, whether it be volunteering in the classroom, providing administrative support, or lending special expertise, is essential to the strength of our community and each child’s educational journey.

We believe each family has unique skills and resources to share with Assumption-St. Bridget.  Each family commits a minimum of 35 total volunteer hours to the school and/or the parishes.  There are no requirements regarding how the volunteer hours are performed.  Some families choose to support a specific project each year, while others prefer to volunteer in the classroom throughout the year.

Our objective is provide a wide-range of opportunities so parents may choose the activities that allow them to best share their individual gifts from God.  Parents may sign up to help during the school registration process in the spring; at back-to-school sign-ups in the fall; and on an as-needed basis throughout the year.