Junior Thespians

ASB launched a Junior Thespian Troupe were  inducted on August 22nd, 2017.  Founding members of Troupe no. 89460 include ASB alums Ellie Cenname, Maddy Beer, Conor Flannigan, Shelby Grant, Hannah Genovese, Jayne Johnson, Stella Shamulka, Betsy Stonich, and Sophie Jordan.  Our troupe is 21 members strong, and we look forward to welcoming new troupe members this coming winter.

Special guest and Broadway actor Allen Fitzpatrick read the following letter at our inaugural ceremony in 2017.  This piece was written especially for our students by Still Life With Iris playwright Steven Dietz:

Dear Young Theatre Colleagues:

You are likely being asked to stand up in front of people today/tonight.

It seems like such a simple thing to do:  to stand up, be named, be recognized, be watched and listened to.

But I wish to tell you that “standing up” is not a simple thing.  It is a brave thing.  A necessary thing.

An artist is asked to “stand up” for the stories that must be told – the joys and aches of living that must be shared by a community.

An artist is asked to be not only the “memory” of a culture – but also its compass, its lighthouse, its beacon.

It is a great honor to be chosen to “stand up” and tell the stories of a world, a people, a nation.  But I would ask you not to seek praise for doing this.  Why?  Because praise is not the payment for doing what you believe in.

The reward for doing what you believe in is a full heart, a buoyant spirit, an avid sense of engagement … and a joy that only deepens when it is shared with others.

Congratulations to you all.

Stand proud.

Stand tall.

This art form has been waiting for you.

— Steven Dietz, 22 August 2017

We look forward to inducting new troupe members in 2020!