Matthew Cuddy

Director of Technology


Director of Technology


I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from Colorado School of Mines in 1993

I earned my Master of Arts degree in Education with a focus on Secondary Science from University of Phoenix in 2005

At ASB Since

I joined the ASB family in the fall of 2014.

Why I Became An Educator

In 2002, I was applying for a non-teaching job with a local school district. The HR secretary, who was a Christian called me and asked me if I would like to teach. That question came to me with God’s authority and I felt God’s call to teach at that point. For the next 12 year, I spent most of my time in the classroom, whither assisting as a Substitute Teacher, or teaching my own classes – Science, Math, Comptuers. I love challenging students to be their best, to make positive choices for themselves and those around them, then watching they succeed and encouraging them when they need to continue the struggle.

Why I Like Working at ASB

As with teaching, my favorite parts of my job as Director of Technology is interaction with people.  From the start, I felt that I had been accepted into something more than a collegiate environment. These people weren’t just my co-workers and students, they were much closer and more encouraging. ASB has provided me with many challenges as well as the resources and freedom to overcome them. Among these resources are the support and recognition of the teachers, staff, and students.

Favorite Book

It’s hard to pick a favorite book. The Bible is the one I spend the most time in and the one that applies most to my life. I also read fantasy/Sci-Fi. The Percy Jackson series was my latest favorite of these.

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