What is Scrip?

Scrip is a straight-forward fundraising program. Gift cards are purchased by ASB at a discount and sold to you at face value. No extra cost to you! The school receives 2% – 20% ON EACH CARD, depending on the retailer.

What gift cards are offered?

QFC/Fred Meyer, Metropolitan Market, Safeway, Whole Foods, Amazon, Starbucks and gas cards are just some of the cards available.

How can I participate?

Scrip is sold weekly through order forms sent home in the Wednesday envelopes. Orders are collected, filled and sent back home on Thursdays via your youngest child’s class. Scrip is also available for purchase at both St. Bridget and Assumption churches each month. Scrip is not sold during July and August.

Parish sales dates:
Assumption: 2020 Jan 25/26, Feb 21/22, Mar 21/22, Apr. 25/26, May 16/17, June 6/7

St. Bridget:  2020 Jan 10/11, Feb 7/8, Mar 6/7, Apr 25/26, May 9/10, June 6/7

What is a standing order?

The easiest way for you to support scrip is to sign up for a monthly standing order. Simply select the cards you’d like to receive on a monthly basis (your predictable monthly expenses), complete the standing order form, and include a cancelled check for auto-deduct from your checking or savings account. Deductions are made on the 10th of each month. Standing orders will come home in the Wednesday envelope, shortly after the 10th of each month.  For the exact date check the newsletter calendar each month.

This is a great way to budget your spending! If you have additional needs throughout the month, simply complete the weekly scrip order form. Your monthly order may be changed as your needs change. For questions on your monthly standing order, please email

Can I make a special order?

Yes! Scrip special orders are also a great way to support our school. Does your company need a large amount of small denomination gift cards? We can help! Are you working on a special project at home – updating appliances, new furniture, painting? There are many options available with scrip, and we’d love to help you! There are many cards available to order. It just takes about a week to get those cards! For a complete list of vendors, visit: – click under the SHOP button and browse from there. Email your order & check number, and you will receive the cards in about a week! For scrip questions, please email at

We ask every ASB family to buy scrip regularly. ASB is very proud to be a leader in the scrip programs in our area without requiring a mandatory minimum purchase for our families!

All scrip checks should be made out to ASB School with “Scrip” on the notation line.

If you would like to volunteer with our successful scrip program, please email