Meet our Alumni – Entrepreneur

Jack Lamb, ASB Class of 2003
Seattle Preparatory School, Class of 2007 Entrepreneur, Aslan Brewing

jacklambWhat or who made impressions on you at ASB?

Mr. Foy was my principal back in the day. I always noticed how he was able to connect with kids of all temperaments and backgrounds. He was smart, compassionate, and always would shoot a huge smile your way. I knew I wanted to lead like him. Adam Othman, “Mr. O”, was another huge influence. His drama program was the perfect balance to our rigorous curriculum. He inspired us to create with our imaginations; every kid needs that. I think the education I received at ASB made me a well-rounded person, and that balance is instrumental to being a successful entrepreneur.

What influenced you to become an entrepreneur?

My Dad and his family of change-makers had a huge influence on my career.

What are some of your favorite ASB memories?

I remember rainy day recess. The teachers at ASB would pull an “audible” sometimes and let us play in the church basement. I could tell that the teachers cared and wanted us kids to thrive…even if that meant being flexible and going above and beyond.

Do you have any advice for young students, specifically those interested in starting their own business someday?

Keep your mind busy outside of school. Find hobbies. Create things with friends.  Don’t do drugs.