2nd Grade

In 2nd grade, your child will grow academically, spiritually, and personally. Study skills and self-discipline, combined with a natural enthusiasm for learning help students become successful in 2nd grade and lay a foundation for lifelong achievement.  While students have the opportunity to prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist through their parishes, 2nd graders also learn and grow through participation in our school faith community.


The emphasis in 2nd grade is encouraging students to develop a love for reading. Students use decoding, fluency, and comprehension strategies in reading a variety of texts. They complete book reports and set measurable goals for their own reading. Students review the basics of writing a sentence, apply spelling patterns in their written work, and practice printing. They will learn to write friendly letters, journals, paragraphs, narratives, and simple reports.


The focus areas for 2nd-grade math are place value through 1,000, addition and subtraction, and measurement. Students master basic addition and subtraction facts, and learn to regroup multi-digit numbers in addition and subtraction. Students will learn about time, money, fractions, shapes, and solve word problems.


Students participate in hands-on activities and investigations using FOSS kits in the following units: New Plants, Sand, Silt, & Rocks, and Balance & Motion. We also study more about whales!

Social Studies

The concept of community is a central focus in 2nd grade social studies. Through the lens of economics, civics and geography, students examine families and neighborhoods as types of community and gain a greater understanding of the roles individuals and groups play within a community. We also explore different cultures and countries during our Holidays Around the World unit.


2nd grade students learn more about the Catholic faith, the Church community, parts of the Mass, and prayer. We also study the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, as some of our students will receive these Sacraments through their parishes in the spring of their 2nd grade year. Along with participating in various forms of prayer, students demonstrate mastery of several prayers as defined by the Archdiocese’s curriculum standards.


The goal of the 2nd grade drama program is to give students a positive artistic experience, connecting multi-cultural stories and performance skills with activities and creative play to enhance learning. Students love to bring stories to life by recreating characters and favorite moments.


In 2nd grade music, students continue to learn about rhythm and melody. Movement, singing, and playing instruments are an important part of class. They begin to explore the element of harmony with simple part singing.

Physical Education

In 2nd grade physical education instruction is focused on the fundamental concepts of loco-motor movements, body and spatial awareness, and safe play. These concepts are taught through a series of games and activities that reinforce these fundamentals. Students have PE twice a week.

Holidays Around the World

Each student will research a winter seasonal, cultural, or religious holiday including Christmas (celebrations around the world), Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Ramadan.  Students present their work during a celebration in mid-December that includes food from the various cultures and countries. Families and parents are invited!


Field Trips

Field Trip Destinations

Magnuson Park

Burke Museum

Pacific Science Center

Seattle Children’s Theater

Whale Expert/Mr. Jeff Hogan