Jeri-Su Prewitt

Jeri Prewitt began working at ASB in 2000 after teaching for five years in Washington Catholic schools and then five years teaching in Brasilia and Istanbul combined.  She spent most of her years here working with 7th and 8th graders and absolutely loves teaching middle school students. Her passions have always included learning about new technology and integrating it into her classes, so when the opportunity to switch positions and take on two roles opened up, she jumped at the chance.  Now she spends her days in the new Matter Family Library and Innovation Center where she is surrounded by books and technology.  As the librarian, she believes that equity and inclusion are important in the books our children read so that each child in the school is able to see themselves, their friends and their family members in the characters of the books on the shelves.  And as the tech-ed coach, Jeri works with teachers and students to integrate current technology into how they are learning so they can not only work to understand the STEM processes, but so their work can be enhanced in other ways, too.  She is especially passionate about getting girls into coding and robotics at a young age and firmly believes that failure is the best way to learn and grow.  Throughout her 20 years at ASB, Jeri has seen the full evolution of the school and believes in the direction it’s growing towards.  She chooses to send her own daughter here as evidence for the quality of education, the deepening of faith instilled and the compassion and inclusion for all.