Endowment Video
Thank you to everyone who attended our 2023 auction, The Greatest School on Earth! We are proud to report that we raised over $240,000 for our amazing school, as well as $219,000 for our Education Endowment through our Fund-a-Need. We are so grateful for our community's amazing support.
Save the Date! Our 2024 auction is scheduled for Saturday, December 14th at Fremont Studios. We hope to see you there. If you are interested in volunteering for our 2024 auction, please email [email protected].
Thank you to our amazing committee leads for giving their time and talent to make this event possible.

2023 Auction Chairs: Sara Golac, MK Rodgers, Tara Uffelman, and Christy Van Buskirk

Business Procurement: Carleigh Johnson, Colleen Leveck, and Jessica Powers

Catalog: Lena Eagan

Class Projects: Amanda Cahill and Rachael Eckland

Decor: Ali Hedin, Jen Heiger and Trina Kelly

Dessert Dash: Eileen Bowen, Brianna Farra, and Courtney Wilkerson

Emcee: Jon Grus

Family Procurement: Sarah Einfeld, Kirstin Kalles, and Molly Peterson

Student Photos: Tammy Eckart, Carly Moorman, and Nicole Janson

Inventory & Data Manager: Sara Weitholter

Inventory Support: Holly Gray, Susie Lane, and Kristia Higgins

Live Auction: Tory Frol, Rachel Guidon, Katie Misiewicz, and Cory Na 

Sign-Up Parties: Kristia Higgins, Annie Knudson, and Emily Showman

Sponsorship: Jen Holm

Wine Toss: Meg Eike, Alison Hartvigson Lynsey Kherli, and Lindsay Taylor