Technology classes at ASB are a combination of rudimentary skill-based lessons covering keyboarding (grades 2-7) and the basic functionality of iPads and HPs, along with lessons that integrate tech standards into the current curriculum.

For example, a second grade class working on the science of engineering might use bridge-building apps to visually understand how to construct a variety of bridges suited for differently weighted vehicles.  A seventh grade class might use the HPs to build an online portfolio to showcase their best work of the year.

All students from grade 3 up are taught how to login to google under our school’s domain so that they can access Google Classroom and all the affiliated tools.  Additionally, students are taught  to act with integrity when using all forms of technology both inside and outside of our school walls. Most importantly, technology is used in a way that is safe and meaningful.

To learn more about what each class is currently working on, please visit the tech/library website here.

Jeri Prewitt