Student Success Team

At Assumption-St. Bridget School, our staff possess research-based knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to successfully provide our students with a developmentally-appropriate, rigorous, meaningful, and faith-based educational experience. Our Assumption-St. Bridget School Student Success Team is uniquely poised to provide specific expertise on individualizing the educational experience for all of our students who require enrichment or support to maximally benefit from their educational experience. This multidisciplinary team, comprised of Assumption-St. Bridget School Principal, Vice Principal of Academics and Math Coach, Director of Student Success, Learning Specialist, and School Counselor/School Psychologist, manages a comprehensive and developmentally-appropriate support program that provides valuable assistance to students, parents, staff members, and the community. With the belief in the capacity for each child to grow, develop, learn and succeed, the Assumption-St. Bridget Student Success Team partners with students, parents, and teachers to collaboratively identify the needs and necessary conditions that will best propel each student towards success. This coordinated and collaborative approach to support is essential, and allows Assumption-St. Bridget School to offer a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), with every staff member doing their part to support student achievement. See additional information on our MTSS programming on our academic, social/emotional, and executive functioning information pages.

In alignment with the ASCA National Model of coordinated support programming, the Student Success Team serves students, parents, and staff through the implementation of the following components:

  1. Curriculum: creation and implementation of lessons and activities to promote self-regulation in students, including such themes as emotional regulation, learning strategies, curiosity and creativity, mindfulness, social awareness and skills, diversity competency, and executive functioning.
  2. Individual Student Planning: efforts to assist students and their parents in establishing personal goals and future plans, and instituting action steps to support their goal achievement
  3. Responsive Services: activities that meet students’ and families’ immediate needs, including assessing immediate concerns, managing positive discipline efforts, supporting social problem-solving, facilitating peer communication, assisting emotional regulation, providing emergent consultation, advising student and family crisis, advocating help-seeking, individual and small group counseling, and referrals to private and community resources
  4. System Support: actions that enhance the programming of the Student Success Team and support the school, including identifying and coordinating professional development, development of safety protocols, ongoing consultation and collaboration, MTSS program and services management, and support of other school operations

The collaborative and organized model of tiered support programming at Assumption-St. Bridget School allows our Student Success Team to have a broad, positive impact on the community. By working together to provide students necessary, specific, targeted, and research-based support, we empower a community of learners who can change the world through their faith, knowledge, and skills.

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