Tier 3: Programming for Select Students

Students Who Benefit from Significant Support:

Some of our students receive Tier 1 and Tier 2 Social and Emotional Programming, and still struggle to demonstrate adequate progress in the school environment. Some of these students may have a suspected disability while others may already have a documented disability that impacts their social and emotional functioning. For these students who continue to struggle despite additional support, our staff will often recommend that the student receive some additional coaching or counseling outside of school. The student will often benefit from the one-on-one, targeted and individualized support that a private behavioral coach or social/emotional counselor can provide. This support is a fantastic addition to the continuation of Tier 1 and Tier 2 programming that will remain in place for the student. Assumption-St. Bridget School maintains some recommendations for support in this area, and you may contact your child’s homeroom teacher or a member of our Student Success Team for more information on these resources.

If the student has a suspected disability that may be impacting their social or emotional functioning, our staff may also recommend an evaluation. Please click here for more information.

If the student has a documented disability that is impacting their social or emotional functioning, our staff may also recommend a Student Support Plan. Please click here for more information.

Students Who Benefit from Significant Enrichment:

For students who demonstrate an even higher need for enrichment in social and emotional skills, the focus should be on creating more opportunities for leadership beyond what is offered in our Tier 1 programming. Although we strive to graduate all students with comfort and confidence in leadership, students with strong social and emotional skill sets often benefit from additional opportunitites to grow this area of expertise. Some potential avenues for enrichment in leadership may include:

  • Serving as a Classroom Representative;
  • Serving as a Classroom Ambassador;
  • Being a Guest Teacher in a younger grade’s classroom;
  • Creating and managing a new service-project;
  • Participating in additional service hours outside of school requirements;
  • Applying for Student Leadership Team;
  • Serving as a mentor or coach for younger students;
  • Taking on a leadership role in extracurricular activities (i.e. Team Captain); and
  • Participating in outside leadership training programs (i.e. Junior National Young Leaders Conference).

Social/Emotional Enrichment and Support 

Tier 1: Programming for All Students

Tier 2: Programming for Some Students