Social/Emotional Enrichment and Support

At Assumption-St. Bridget School, we provide a comprehensive educational experience that aims to facilitate optimal personal growth for each and every student. Our exceptional programming goes beyond academics to ensure that our students also acquire deep spiritual connections, strong social skills, emotional intelligence, and commitment to service, to take their place as leaders in our future local and global communities.

When we are thinking about the future for our students, there may be nothing more important than ensuring they have deep personal connections to others, and harbor a genuine belief in themselves as capable and deserving individuals. At Assumption-St. Bridget School, we aim to develop those outcomes through intentional and meaningful programming that serves and benefits all of our students and families. In our mission, we do not aim to free our students from all conflicts, setbacks, or heartbreaks, but we do aim to strengthen the social and emotional capacities of resilience and grit to facilitate our students’ successful management of anything that comes their way.

From Prekindergarten through 8th grade, much of what a student is able to accomplish is a direct result from the influence of their social and emotional skill set. At Assumption-St. Bridget School, we keep on the lookout for the following skills, which greatly influence student achievement and well-being:

Social/Emotional Skills: Definition: 
Emotional Intelligence  the ability to be able to understand, manage, and reflect upon one’s feelings
Self-Awareness  the ability to understand and reflect upon one’s strengths and weaknesses
Self-Management  the ability to regulate one’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to achieve goals
Responsible Decision-Making  the ability to develop, reflect upon, weigh, and select from multiple options when making decisions
Relationship Skills  the ability to establish and maintain positive and healthy relationships with peers, adults, and community members
Social Awareness  the ability to understand and reflect upon the nuance of social interaction, as well as the expectations for appropriate social behavior in various situations
Growth Mindset  the ability to understand one’s self as a growing and developing individual whose skills are not fixed or static, and can be improved with hard work and effort
Grit  the combination of passion, determination, and perseverence to work through setbacks and achieve goals
Resilience  the ability to see obstacles as opportunities for positive change and strengthening of character and resolve
Mindfulness  the ability to calmly and nonjudgmentally focus awareness on the present to better inform thoughts, feelings, and actions
Diversity Competency  the ability to understand one’s self as a diverse individual who values the diversity of all community members
Curiosity  the ability to show interest in the finding, exploration, and solving of a variety of challenges and problems
Creativity  the ability to develop a menu of unique and novel solutions to a problem or challenge; the ability to do something in a way that has not been done before

Just as in academics, we strive to facilitate one year of growth in social and emotional competencies in each of our students every academic year. To support the development and the growth of our students’ social and emotional characteristics and skills, Assumption-St. Bridget School utilizes a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) that systematically manages all efforts to create a supportive, enriching, skill-building, and informative social and emotional experience for our students and families. In this model, all students and families benefit from programming, with additional levels of support afforded to students and families who demonstrate need.

Tier 1: Programming for All Students

Tier 2: Programming for Some Students

Tier 3: Programming for Select Students

If you are concerned about your child’s progress in the areas of social or emotional and believe that he or she needs further support or enrichment to make adequate growth, your first step would be to contact your child’s homeroom teacher. Your child’s teacher can speak with you more about what your child demonstrates within the context of the general classroom, specialist classes, and the playground. If you continue to have concerns that your child has a suspected disability or needs more services in the areas of social or emotional, your child’s homeroom teacher and a member of the Assumption-St. Bridget School Student Success Team can assist you in next steps.

If you feel that you need more information about our social/emotional programming, support or enrichment, please contact the Assumption-St. Bridget School Counselor, Christy Dahl, at, or the Assumption-St. Bridget School Principal, Kathleen Conklin, at