Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) Program

At Assumption-St. Bridget School, we strive to provide a tiered level of support planning in the areas of academics, executive functioning, and social/emotional to ensure that every student has the resources and tools they need to succeed. Our Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) program is yet another tool we offer to support students in grades 6-8.

The CICO program is an effective, research-based intervention program designed to proactively and positively address low-level academic, behavioral, executive functioning, or social/emotional concerns. The program allows each participating student to receive increased:

  • positive, one-on-one adult connections at school;
  • structure, especially when transitioning to and from school;
  • opportunities for individualized coaching on specific executive functioning skills;
  • constructive adult feedback;
  • prompts for appropriate behavior;
  • collaborative problem-solving with concerns; and
  • reinforcement for effort and positive changes.

Although our CICO program begins with increased attention, oversight, coaching, and structure, the ultimate goal is to gradually release responsibility to participating students to facilitate independence and achievement in the areas of academics, executive functioning, and social/emotional.

Why was my child recommended for Check-In/Check-Out?

Check-In/Check-Out is a very unique program in that it provides an opportunity to address low-level concerns in all areas: academics, executive functioning, and social/emotional development. If your child was recommended to participate in this program, he or she must be demonstrating over a period of time a need for additional support in one or more of those areas. Students who benefit from CICO often display such concerns as:

  • struggles with academic content;
  • does not understand homework;
  • shows difficulty staying organized;
  • is unsure about what to do for homework;
  • can’t remember due dates, deadlines, and test dates;
  • struggles with performance on tests or quizzes;
  • often missplaces work and/or doesn’t turn it in;
  • forgets materials at school/home;
  • feels lost or disconnected at school; or
  • is shy or nervous around teachers.

Because the program is designed as a one-on-one educational opportunity with a trained teacher, the format and content of the meetings can be specifically tailored to the unique needs of the student.  If your child was recommended for Check-In/Check-Out, this is a great opportunity for him or her to begin improving their academic performance, managing their responsibilities as students, and feeling more confident and comfortable in the school environment. 

How many other students participate in Check-In/Check-Out?

The CICO program is in its third academic year at Assumption-St. Bridget School, having started in 2016-2017. Since that time, the program has grown exponentially, and currently includes over 50 students! Our staff greatly enjoy participating in this unique learning opportunity with students, and consistently volunteer their time every year to support students through CICO. For the 2018-2019 academic year, we have over 25 staff members who participate in the CICO program as coaches for our students.

What happens during Check-In/Check-Out?

When a student is enrolled in CICO, the student’s homeroom teacher and our Student Success Team will work together to assign a teacher to that student who would be the best academic, executive functioning, and social/emotional fit. Once the student’s CICO teacher has been assigned, the student will begin meeting with their CICO teacher twice daily. Most students meet their CICO teacher between the times of 8:15-8:30am, and 3:00-3:10pm, and the meeting takes place in a location that makes sense for the CICO teacher and the student. The CICO teacher will collaborate with the student to set appropriate goals, and plan on how to achieve those goals. Every time your child meets with his or her CICO teacher, they will review the areas that are most important to that student (i.e. going over their homework planner, discussing study strategies, checking backpacks and lockers for organization), as well as discuss any other concerns that the student may have (i.e. forgot their lunch, can’t fit a worksheet, are worried about a test, etc.). The student’s CICO teacher manages the needs of immediate concerns, and keeps track of the long-term goals set by the student, to facilitate forward progress in their skills, abilities, and confidence as learners. 

How long will my child participate in Check-In/Check Out?

Students who participate in CICO do so because of a demonstrated need for a little more support in skill development in the areas of academics, executive functioning, and/or social/emotional. The participating students present with a very diverse range of abilities, skills, and knowledge, and participate to address a broad range of goals. For this reason, there is no set length of time that any student will participate in CICO. The majority of our students will participate for an entire academic year at a time, although there is a smaller group of students who will achieve their goals quickly, and be able to maintain their improvements on their own. For students who participate for an extended period of time, CICO does not remain static. Most often all of our students are able to achieve their goals with the help and support of their CICO teacher, and then simply decide to move on and tackle other goals. We provide CICO because of its immense value in helping so many students achieve a whole variety of goals and begin to see themselves as successful, capable individuals in the classroom and community.

How do I get Check-In/Check-Out for my child?

Although every parent may wish to have Check-In/Check-Out for their child, this program is not a good fit for every learner. The best thing we can do for our students is allow them countless opportunities to build independence as learners and students; if a student does not need Check-In/Check-Out, their participation in this program would not be conducive to developing that independence. Students who participate in Check-In/Check-Out must demonstrate over a period of time a need for Check-In/Check-Out programming based on their academic, executive functioning, and/or social/emotional skills and abilities. If you believe that your child would benefit from Check-In/Check-Out, start by contacting your child’s homeroom teacher. He or she can provide you with their perspective on your student’s progress and educational plan. If your student’s teacher believes that your child would benefit from Check-In/Check-Out, your child’s homeroom teacher will support you in contacting Elee McCarthy, Director of Student Success, at 


For more information on the CICO program, please contact Elee McCarthy, Director of Student Success, at, or Kathleen Conklin, Assumption-St. Bridget School Principal, at