Tier 1: All Students

Assumption-St. Bridget School provides a rigorous academic program that encourages students to think deeply, question, reflect, problem-solve, express curiosity, develop motivation, and innovate on their way to developing competency across academic areas. Assumption-St. Bridget School maintains best instructional practices and curriculums to ensure that students have the information, tools, resources, and support they need to understand and learn competency in literacy, math, social studies, science, and religion. To reach these standards, we provide students with an expanse of opportunities to learn through various programs, including the strategies of Slingerland® Approach in reading, writing, and spelling, and Math for Love program out of the University of Washington.

Each grade-level provides the information and strategy development for students to encourage a strong academic foundation that will serve our students well in the future. In addition to a focus on academics, all students in the general education classroom also receive enrichment through various opportunitites. Our extensive and comprehensive arts program serves as a fantastic opportunity for enrichment throughout our Kindergarten-8th grades. Students at Assumption-St. Bridget School receive programming in Drama, Music, Art, Library, Technology, and Physical Education. These programs allow our students an opportunity to learn skills that support a well-rounded development, in addition to providing opportunities to apply their knowledge in hands-on, interactive activities that require collaboration with others. Students create using their bodies and voices and consistently have opportunitites to grow and develop their curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking.

Students also receive enrichment in foreign language acquisition starting in 5th grade with our Spanish Language program. The goal of our Spanish program is to graduate students with basical conversational and written Spanish skills and knowledge. Using the Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling method, students are expected to speak aloud and participate in oral and written activities as they come to know and understand the Spanish language. Beyond providing content knowledge in Spanish, this program also provides all of our students with valuable opportunitites to take risks and build confidence in themselves as learners and community members. Although we do not expect all of our students to study Spanish beyond their education at Assumption-St. Bridget School, this program also enriches students’ understanding of the importance and value in learning another language, and prepares them for selecting their own foreign language course of study in high school, be it in Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, or Sign Language.

Finally, all of our students’ educational experience is exceptionally enriched by our commitment to service as a community. At Assumption-St. Bridget School, we consider service to be a hallmark of the education that we provide to all of our students, and believe that it greatly enriches their educational experience. Students come to learn more about their world, both local and global, as well as the circumstances and situations that lead to marginalization in a society. Students learn that they can be change-makers, and that their efforts to support communities in need make a positive difference in the world. Some of the many Service Projects in which students participate include…

  • Pennies for Patients
  • Big Climb Fundraiser
  • Whale of a Sale
  • Cereal Drive
  • Free Dress Food Drive (Monthly)
  • Ida Culver Visits

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Academic Enrichment and Support Programming

Tier 2: Programming for Students Who Benefit from Something Extra

Tier 3: Programming for Students Who Need Significant Support or Enrichment