Academic Enrichment and Support

Assumption St. Bridget School exists to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to its students. In addition to religion, Assumption-St. Bridget School offers a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, and dynamic curriculum for students in PreK through 8th grade. The curriculum includes Common Core Standards in literacy, math, and social studies, in addition to Next Generation Standards in science. Assumption-St. Bridget School utilizes the Archdiocese of Seattle Office of Catholic Schools religion curriculum standards to shape the progression of competencies in religious foundation and spiritual life.

The curriculum undergoes continuous evaluation and refinement in response to student needs and current educational research.  It is driven by the School-wide Learning Expectations (SLEs) that have been established for our students and measured via our standards-based report card.  These SLEs help guide us in giving our students the education that they need in order to succeed in future educational experiences and to live productively as Christians, citizens, workers, and family members in their adult lives.

Beyond imparting content knowledge and skills to our students, our staff also strives to prepare students for the world of the future, where their courses of study, careers, and technology have not yet even been conceived. Experts in educational leadership, psychology, and the technology industry continue to advocate for an educational philosophy and approach that will better prepare students for this world of innovation and creativity. Based on research and recommendations from such experts as George Couros, Sir Ken Robinson, Tony Wagner, Sylvia Libow Martinez, and Ted Dintersmith, Assumption-St. Bridget teachers and staff hope to help students become proficient in standards through the use of interactive technology, project-based learning, challenge opportunities, and projects and activities that require and promote curiosity, creativity, and innovation. This philosophy is embedded into our student’s educational experience here at Assumption-St. Bridget School to provide them with a more engaging, interesting, motivating, and meaningful educational foundation. In support of this important mission, Assumption-St. Bridget School is excited to break ground in spring, 2019 for the building of our new Library and Innovation Center! This project will exceptionally support Assumption-St. Bridget School in bringing the innovation, curiosity, and creativity movement to life for our students. Click here for more information about how to support this amazing project!

For additional information about our academic enrichment and support programming, please see additional information below.

Tier 1: Programming that is Offered to All Students

Tier 2: Programming for Students Who Benefit from Something Extra

Tier 3: Programming for Students Who Need Significant Support or Enrichment

If you are concerned about your child’s progress in the area of academics and believe that he or she needs further support or enrichment to make adequate growth, your first step would be to contact your child’s homeroom teacher. Your child’s teacher can speak with you more about what your child demonstrates within the context of the general classroom, specialist classes, and the playground. If you continue to have concerns that your child has a suspected disability or needs more services in an academic area, your child’s homeroom teacher and a member of the Assumption-St. Bridget School Student Success Team can assist you in next steps.

We look forward to providing all students with the programming, support, and enrichment needed to ensure they develop important academic skills that not only ensure immediate success, but set our students up to be successful students, workers, friends, and leaders in high school and the work force. If you would like to speak to someone about our academic enrichment and support programming, please contact Kathleen Conklin, Assumption-St. Bridget School Principal, at, or Steve Dougherty, Vice Principal of Academics, at

We look forward to serving you!