Student Support

At Assumption-St. Bridget School, we are dedicated to the growth and success of each student. Each year of education brings developmentally-appropriate, meaningful, and rigorous educational experiences that serve in propelling student knowledge, skills, and abilities forward. From our PreK-8th grade, our staff has the opportunity to witness the achievement of countless milestones and student successes, from learning to read, to navigating the first day of middle school, to successfully participating in a drama production, to receiving high school acceptance letters. These continuous successes for our students and families are the positive student outcomes we work hard to facilitate each and every day.

The path to these successes may look slightly different for each our students, who come to us with a broad spectrum of abilities and skills. However, for each student, we aim to ensure the presence of two common factors: challenge and struggle. Our staff enthusiastically supports difficult experiences as catalysts for forward progress. It is only through confronting a challenge that our students have opportunities to find their voices, their own solutions, and ultimately, new successes. This cycle of challenge – deep thinking – problem solving – iterate – collaborate – success results in a foundational truth students carry with them long after graduation: a genuine and deep belief in themselves as capable and confident individuals.

As a staff, we believe just as vigorously in support as we do in challenge and rigor. Any difficulty that our students face, learning to tie a shoe to mastering quadratic equations, we ensure that our students and families have the information, recommendations, tools, and resources needed to not only survive their challenges, but grow to use those challenges as platforms for continuing excellence.

As a first line of defense, our classroom teachers are able to provide much in terms of support, enrichment, and information to students and families. Our teachers possess unique training  in the areas of academics, social/emotional development, behavior, and executive functioning, that allows them to maintain an exceptional classroom environment that is responsive to the needs of each student. In addition, our teachers continue to grow their expertise yearly through targeted professional development across a range of topics, including the value of social/emotional learning, innovative instructional approaches, effective interventions, and cutting-edge research on brain development and education.

In many cases, our students and families also benefit from an additional level of support that comes from the expertise of our Student Success Team. The Student Success Team, comprised of the Assumption-St. Bridget School Principal, Vice Principal of Academics, Director of Student Success, Learning Specialist, and School Counselor, is a multidisciplinary team uniquely poised to support our students, parents, teachers, and staff to understand and address any concern with a student. Taken together, our collaborative levels of support can meet student needs, maximize student potential, and ensure that our students and families have a positive and meaningful educational experience.

For additional information on the specific types of support offered at Assumption-St. Bridget School, please see additional information on support and enrichment offered in the areas of academics, social/emotional development, and executive functioning skills.

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