2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR 

The music program is an integral part of Assumption-St. Bridget School.  Bryan Van Pelt and Matt Turner teach music classes from Pre-K through grade 8.  Classes meet twice per week.  Grade 6 has a music master class entitled Experiencing Music from Around the World in the Spring term.  Grade 7 has a music master class entitled Exploring the Soundtrack to Life in the Fall term.  Grade 8 has a music master class entitled Popular Music of our Time in Winter term.

Mr. Van Pelt directs the concert band, beginning band, and street band.  Mr. Turner directs the school choir and is the music director for the Spring musical.  Students in grades 4-8 are encouraged to join the choir and instrumental ensembles.  These ensembles are given performance opportunities during the year.

There are two concerts at ASB School.  Grades 1 through 3 perform on the Christmas concert, along with instrumental ensembles and choir.  The instrumental ensembles and choir perform again in a special concert in the Spring.  Grades 4 and 5 present “open houses” in class for families and friends in the spring.  Students also help lead music during Mass both in their classes and with the choir.

The goal of classroom music experiences and extra-curricular music opportunities is to provide a solid foundation in music education. Briefly stated, these are the music standards.  They reflect state, national and Archdiocesan music standards.  Students will be able to….

+Demonstrate understanding of the elements of music (rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, form, expression)

+Understand and use musical vocabulary

+Acquire musical skills (including performance skills*)

+Create, perform and respond to music (the creative process)

+Communicate through music

+Make connections to other arts and other areas of the curriculum

+Use music in liturgies and understand how music helps enhance worship

*MUSICAL PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE:  Children in grades 1,2 and 3 will perform in the annual Christmas Concert.  Instrumental groups and the choir will also perform at these two concerts.  Grades 3, 4 and 5 hold in-class singing and instrumental performances in the spring.  In addition, the annual Spring Musical offers performance opportunities for interested middle school students.

The music standards also support the School-wide Learning Expectations, which are the foundation for all of our ASB curriculum:

Each student of ASB School will be…

  • A reflective person of faith

(We help ourselves and others worship through music.)

  • A respectful and contributing member of local and global community

(We share our music with the community and learn songs and listen to music from other cultures.)

  • A competent and confident learner

(Studies show that the performing arts build competence and confidence which transfer into other areas of the curriculum and life!)

  • A self-directed learner

(Music can certainly be a lifelong passion for many people.  It requires dedication and self-discipline.)

  • An effective communicator (The arts can be a powerful tool for communication.)

Advancements in brain research support the fact that music is important to learning in a multitude of different ways, which in turn provides increasing evidence of the value of music education!  

The school is always looking for donations of band instruments that are in good condition.  Parents with instrumental experience are invited to contact Bryan to explore the possibility of volunteering within the instrumental program. We are also open to adult instrumentalists helping play at school Masses.

Bryan Van Pelt (

Matt Turner (

We are  looking forward to an exciting year of working with all ASB students!