8th Grade Newsletter

Dear 8th Grade Families,                                                                                                                                                 9/7/18

The first few days of school are always about setting expectations and defining the “rules of the road.” We are off to a great start and we both are enjoying ourselves in working with the students. We are highly confident as the year moves along the 8th graders will rise to the occasion and assume their roles as school leaders.


Our number one priority is for the Class of 2019 to have a successful year at ASB; however, we are aware that eighth grade is a very “forward-looking”  year. That “forwardness” being high school. Below is a link to help you with your planning for high school.


High School Related


  • You are welcome to schedule up to three unexcused absences for high school visits.
  • Curriculum Night is Sept. 19th and we are happy to go over the high school application process.
  • High School Teacher Recommendation and Transcript Requests due date–Friday, Nov. 16
  • This link is a helpful one-stop link to the Catholic High Schools



Student Leadership Team

The SLT is ready for an awesome year! We have an awesome core team made up of eight 7th & 8th graders, and we need to find our classroom reps! By September 17, each classroom (grades 4-8) will elect one representative to join the SLT for the 2018-19 school year.

Classroom Rep duties include:


  • Raise the flag every morning (2-4 times/month)
  • Organize the Free Dress Food Drive donations (1 time/month)
  • Participate in occasional SLT meetings (during lunch recess 2-4 times/year)
  • Bring ideas and suggestions to SLT
  • Communicate SLT activities/events back to their respective classrooms


Please consider joining the SLT and gaining valuable leadership skills! Our class elections will be held next Friday, Sept.14th.


Zero Period

Zero period Geometry class will be offered for 8th graders beginning the week of September 17th.  Class will meet Mondays 2:10-3:00 PM, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7:30-8:20 AM. More information on requirements and expectations will be provided next week.


Other Important Dates

Free Dress Food Drive (Rice or Potato Side Dishes) –Monday, Sept. 10


MAP Testing for 8th Grade: Sept. 18-21(Please do not schedule discretionary absences including high school visits.)


8th Grade Retreat–Sept 27-28



Dates and participation are subject to change.

September 28 – St. Catherine

October 5 – Blanchet

November 16 – St. John

January 11 – St. Matthew

March 1 – ASB

May 3 – Our Lady of the Lake

Late Paperwork

Please check with your sons and daughters to make sure they have turned in the paperwork below:


  • MDI Service  Log
  • Middle School Handbook
  • Digital Citizenship
  • 8th Grade Graduation Diplomas


Coming Soon…