7th Grade Events

7th Grade Happenings…

Retreats: Each Fall, teachers lead students on a two-day retreat focused on the theme of balance. The retreat is a self-affirming experience, where students solidify their bonds of acceptance and friendship, and also reflect on their gifts of grace.  Boys and girls attend separately to provide an experience free from some of the distractions that they have to juggle every day.

Service Learning:  Each Friday morning before school 7th graders make sandwiches for Francis House. Each student participates in this service three-four times a year. Addidtionally, 7th graders track their Service Hours as part of the focus on outreach.  The 7th graders traditionally lead the school in the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. Students spend time interpreting the stations and making the experience meaningful for all students, kindergarten through grade eight. 7th graders plan and lead field day at the end of the year. This provides a strong transition from 7th grade to being the leaders of the school.

Field Trips: To close and celebrate our year, we also take a culminating boat trip on Lake Union to further explore some of the features of our beautiful state and the rich history of this region.  To support our studies of Washington State History, the class will go to the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.

Leadership: There are a variety of ways our 7th graders serve as leaders within the school community. They have an opportunity to participate in Student Leadrship Team, to lead campus tours as Student Ambassadors, and to help host graduation celebrations for our 8th graders.

There are no upcoming events at this time.