6th Grade

academics grade6 students6th grade marks the beginning of the middle school experience at Assumption-St. Bridget School. Our goal is to help each student manage the excitement that accompanies this new range of experiences and expectations. We continually reinforce the study skills and organizational strategies necessary for success in the middle school years and beyond. 6th graders grow in their ability to think abstractly, analyze topics, read increasingly complex texts, and write in more detail. These skills are utilized in all curriculum areas.

Beginning in 6th grade, middle school students change classes throughout the day, gaining the exposure to different teachers and styles. ASB follows a block schedule system, which mirrors many college prep high school programs. These longer periods allows students more classroom time to delve deeper and apply information in both labs and discussion.  In addition to core classes, 6th graders take Spanish, PE, and Integrated Technology classes and rotate through the Fine Arts curriculum each trimester.