5th Grade Newsletter

Good Afternoon 5th grade families,


Solid week of learning.  With the increased expectations, students are quickly realizing the benefits of getting as much done during class worktimes.  Students that find they are having more homework may need to reflect on what they are getting done at school.


Salmon eggs have begun to hatch and students have enjoyed the show!


Today your child will be coming home with their Winter DIBELS & DAZE benchmark scores. Please review these this weekend with your child. It is essential that nightly reading continues to be a routine. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Geo Bee

  • 5th grade will have their class Geo Bees on Tues/Wed next week to determine class reps.
  • The school Geo Bee will take place on Friday the 19th at 2:00.



  • We are cruising along in our adding/subtracting fractions unit.  Students seem to have a pretty good grasp of concepts.  Only area that needs more focus is simplifying fractions, which we will continue to work on.
  • Next week we will work more with mixed numbers.



  • Students are working on their humor novel final project.  5B is currently working on summaries which will be due Tuesday.  They have had lots of in class time to work on them and should be close to done.  If not make them read the first part of this email:)
  • While proofing St. Reports we found lots of issues around sentence run ons and fragments.   We will teach some lessons on this next week and get some practice so we will be prepared for our Human History paper coming up.



  • Students started their Bible “basics” lessons this week and are learning about the different books.
  • Next week students will learn to navigate through the Bible and learn to properly cite Bible passages.



  • We have continued with the life cycle of salmon this week.  We focused on the egg stage.  Students did exercises that included pulling important information out of a text, answering comprehension questions as well as creating Google slides to illustrate what they had learned.  They will use these slides as a learning and studying tool as we go about this unit.
  • Next week students will learn about the alevin stage.  This coincides perfectly with the stage in which our salmon are currently in here at ASB.


Social Studies

  • Students will have their 13 colonies map quiz on Tuesday.  They can practice online this weekend with the websites they were shown in class.
  • Next week students will start a small project and will  research one of the 13 colonies.



  • No School Monday for MLK Day
  • Geo Bee at 2:00 1/19/18


Have a great weekend!

5th grade team