4th Grade Resources


Saint Stories

10 Commandments Quiz Practice


Google Visual Search Engine – Child Friendly Content Only!

Nearpod Login

Hour of Code Activities for Beginners

Bibme.org (Bibliography Help) 


Language Arts


Envision Math Login

Missing Factors 1

Halloween Multiples Game 2

Factors and Multiples Game 3

Khan Academy – Math Practice and Tutorials for all Topics

Math Worksheet Site – Dad’s Worksheets

2×1 Digit Practice

Math Playground

AAA Math

3 x 1 Digit Practice

Multiplication Timed Practice (Addition, Subtraction, and Division too!!)

2×2 Multiplication Practice

Batter Up Multiplication Game

Math Frog Multiplication

Lattice Multiplication

Division Mine

Division Machine

Apple Basket Division

Division with Missing Numbers

Division Math Man

Division Mahjong

World Cup Math – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division practice

Snork’s Long Division  – Long Division Steps

Division with Remainders

Fraction Games – a variety of fraction activities of all levels

Sheppard Software Fraction Games

Fraction Sports Games

Decimals in Space

Social Studies

Washington State Geography Test Quizlet

Regions of Washington Video

Lewis and Clark Video

The Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Game

Quiz Whiz

Lewis and Clark Facts

Travel with Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark Interactive Trail

Oregon Trail

Washington State Legislature Home Page

worldatlas.com Washington State Page


Washington State Historical Society



House of Representatives

Mayor of Seattle

Congress for Kids

Washington State Legislature Home Page

Branches of Government and Laws of the Land for Kids