4th Grade Curriculum


Religious instruction in 4th grade is based on the Student Learning Expectations and Benchmarks outlined by the Archdiocese of Seattle.  Students participate in planning and carrying out prayer services and liturgies throughout the year. In addition to our study of doctrine, we also emphasize Christian living, as well as Catholic social teachings. The final aspect of our religion curriculum is community service.


Our writing program emphasizes writing for a variety of purposes and audiences. Students learn the five steps in the writing process includeing prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. We also teach the six traits of writing: ideas and content, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.


The 4th grade reading program is primarily based on literature circles, in which students select books of varied reading levels based on a common theme. In addition, students focus on traits of successful readers, reading for specific purposes, and connecting reading and writing. Students developing the skills necessary to read specialized material—including textbooks, newspaper and magazine articles, pamphlets, and encyclopedias, to find specific information.


4th grade math is based on the Common Core State Standards. Content areas include multi-digit multiplication, fractions, decimals, mixed numbers, and area. Core processes include reasoning, problem solving and communication.


We focus on the scientific method as we explore the water cycle, the human body, measurement, magnetism and electricity. Students will keep a science journal in which they take notes and record their thinking and findings in relation to class experiments.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum in 4th grade focuses on Washington State. This includes the study of history, geography, economy, government, and culture of  the state, as well as a study of the Northwest Coast Native American culture and history.


Drama uses a variety of artistic skills in the creative process including:  mime, improvisation, voice, movement, character development, directing and performance. These skills are learned and developed in a variety of ways including drama games, activities and various performances. World folk tales are studied in both drama and 4th grade reading & writing.


In 4th grade music, we emphasize music reading skills, singing in harmony, and exploring the sounds of the instruments (timbre).  Movement is still important in internalizing the music concepts.  Students learn to play the recorder in 4th grade music, and have an opportunity to participate in extra-curricular music opportunities such as choir & band.

Physical Education

In 4th grade, physical education instruction focuses on solidifying basic loco-motor movements, hand/foot/eye coordination, and the continued exposure of team sports.  Students have PE twice a week and are evaluated based on their attitude, effort, and sportsmanship during class.