3B Homework

3rd grade homework is given Monday through Thursday, and is meant to reinforce skills learned in class.  Homework is not graded; however, parents’ awareness and support is helpful to support practice and emerging competencies.

3B (Mr. Hastings) Homework

Week of  11/1-11/15

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Reading  20 min. 20 min. 20 min. 20 min.
Typing/Tech 10 min. Check your typing website for list of assignments.  Use the weekend to get caught up. Assignments always due Tues.
Social Studies Study States (5 min) Study States (5 min) Study States (5 min) Study States (5 min)

Math worksheet

Study Multiplication Math Facts

4-8 pages 215-216 Multiplication patterns: Even and Odd Numbers

Study Multiplication Math Facts


Study Multiplication Math Facts




Language book 41-42 Look through Friday Folder with parents and complete Proud Paper over the weekend.