3rd Grade Events

Long Range Study

3rd grade students participate in a Long Range Study. Students select a topic of interest and after a 3 month in-depth study, present what they have learned to the school community. The project has several main objectives, including learning research skills, organizational strategies, becoming an expert on a topic, learning how to conduct an interview, and oral presentation skills.

Field Trips

3rd grade enjoys a number of field trips each year, including:

  • Cougar Mountain Zoo – Structures of Life
  • Seattle Underground Tour and Pike Place Market – Seattle History & Culture
  • Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and Lakeview Cemetery – Seattle History & Culture
  • Uwajimaya  – Unit on Japan and Cultural Competence

Japan Day

3rd graders participate in a celebration of Japanese tradition and culture, including a full-day simulation of a typical Japanese school day, based upon what they learn during our unit.  Students dress as their peers in Japan would (conforming uniforms and indoor shoes to change into), and participate in a number of activities that allow them to experience Japanese language, art, food, and games.

Ida Culver

3rd graders share community time with the elderly residents of the Ida Culver House, just a few blocks from ASB. Students walk with adult chaperones to Ida Culver in small groups every other week.  These interactions are an opportunity to bridge generations.  We bring activities such as math games, puzzles, poetry, artwork, writing projects, etc. to share each time we visit, and also trick or treat and sing Christmas carols each year.

Class Parties

We celebrate several occasions in third grade with class parties.  Among them are:

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day Breakfast
  • Banana Split Learning Celebration


The students may have free dress on their birthday. Students with summer birthdays may celebrate on their ½ birthday. Parents are also welcome to join us for lunch on the birthday or 1/2 birthday. *A reminder: if invitations are passed out at school, either the whole class needs to be invited, or all the girls/all the boys. Treats are welcome, but not required. If you choose to send a treat, please provide napkins as well. You may send the treat in the morning or bring it at lunchtime (12:00 – 12:30).


Each student will have a school week dedicated to him or her. Each one will make a display about him/herself to put on the bulletin board in our classroom.  Once during the week the superstar may invite family members to join us at lunchtime (we eat from 12:00 to 12:30).  A list of superstars was sent home at the Open House.  Please let me know if you need another copy (or  simply the date of your child’s superstar week).