3rd Grade Long Range Study


A three-month-long project in which students study a topic of their choice and then present what they have learned to the school community using a presentation board (this is not a written report).

The third grade LRS project has four main objectives:

1.  Learn research skills:

use a variety of library systems: school, city, county, on-line search systems
use a variety of resources: books, magazines, newspapers, Internet sources, person   with expertise and/or a location
apply non-fiction reading skills to their study

2.  Learn organizational skills:

maintain focus on one topic of interest for an extended period of time
keep track of due dates
keep notes in report folder
make a study-plan schedule

3.  Learn to be an “expert” on a topic: build familiarity with information so they can share it easily with their audience (they need not memorize or read it to their audience)

4.  Learn how to contact and conduct an interview with an “expert”.

LRS Guidelines for Parental Support

This is a long project your child will be completing. He/She will need some help from you, but it is his/her project. Here are some guidelines to help you be his/her guide and to let you know what will be happening.

Time management will probably be an area in which your child may need your help. We are sending home a calendar and due dates to be kept in the LRS section of your child’s binder.  This section also contains any forms or other documents needed throughout the project.  These forms will also be available on the website in case they are misplaced. Your child may, at times, have a homework assignment related to his/her LRS; however, we have not included these assignments in the packet.  Your child will probably need help planning ahead to have assignments ready for each due date, and we will send reminders via the Friday newsletter. This is a great opportunity to assist your child in building organizational skills.

Research is another area in which your child may need your help. Students will get some instruction here at school about finding books on a specific topic. However, they will probably not be independent in finding resources at a library, bookstore, or on the Internet. Most students will need some help in reading, understanding, and collecting information. They will also need help setting up an interview with an expert on their topic. We will be going over ways to do this at school.

Please keep a positive attitude toward the project, as with everything, your attitude does affect your child’s attitude!

Here are some additional guidelines for LRS presentation day that you should keep in mind when planning your project.  (I have also included these later in the packet so that you will not forget when planning the project.)

LRS Presentation Guidelines

  • No food items or other items (even small ones) may be given away.  This alleviates kids visiting only those booths with “hot items,” leaving other kids ignored; it also puts the focus where it should be – on the sharing of information and knowledge.
  • For this same reason, we will not allow any electronic devices as a part of presentation day.  Choose your topic with this in mind.
  • No live animals are allowed on LRS Day.  If your topic is an animal of some sort, it would be best to bring a picture of it, or to use a stuffed animal to represent the one you are studying.
  • No weapons of any sort (or any other type of object that might harm someone) will be allowed on display at the LRS (e.g. if your topic is hunting, put photos on your board of the various hunting weapons, and bring empty shells/cartridges only).
  • You will display your information on a presentation board (tri-fold) and may also put out items relating to your topic at your table.
  • If you have an unusually-sized object (very large) you wish to display, please ask for permission and we may be able to make special arrangements for it.

LRS Due Dates 2019  LRS Day for the 2019-2020 school year is Friday, April 3rd.

Friday, December 13thLRS Topic Preferences

Wednesday, January 8thLRS Topic Resources(minimum six listed on sheet)

Friday, January 17thLRS Four Topic Categories

Friday, January 31st –LRS Expert Interview Questions

Friday, February 7th – Fact Check-in (bring folders to show progress; goal of 20 facts)

Friday, February 21st –LRS Interview Completion

Friday, March 6th – Goal of 40 facts (bring folders)

Friday, March 20thLRS Presentation Board Plan and LRS Student Needs

Thursday, April 2nd  – Set up and Family Viewing 5-6:30PM  Instructions for LRS Day

Friday, April 3rd – LRS Presentation Day Instructions for LRS Day

Wednesday, April 8thLRS Student Reflection and LRS Parent ReflectionInstructions for LRS Day