1st Grade Resources

Keep Your Math Skills Strong

Go Online with your First Grader and practice Math Skills at the following websites.

Counting Skills




Basic Addition Skills


Subtraction Skills


Stretch your Math Brains

Print out and work with your first grader the December Math Calendar at the following website http://www.ivycreekes.com/mathcalendars/

Work with your first grader through some Challenging Math Logic problems at the following website http://math.rice.edu/%7Elanius/domath/cards.html


Other Resources

In first grade we use the FOSS investigation system in our science units.  Check out their website at http://www.fossweb.com

Try some creative activities at http://www.crayola.com

Want to read a little more?  Check out http://www.scholastic.com

First grade reading, writing, speaking, and listening are developed through the Slingerland® Approach.  Learn more on The Slingerland Institute’s website.