1st Grade Newsletter

April 12, 2019

Dear First Grade Families,

Thank you to everyone who was outside today cheering on our first graders in the Walkathon. The first graders were eager to compare the number of laps they completed. The weather this week was unexpectedly chilly! As we continue to move through spring, keep an eye on the weather.  Some days we need water bottles and shorts, others we need raincoats and boots.

We are April first graders!  This means:

  • We read with strong, clear, first grade voices!
  • We use punctuation to add expression when we read.
  • We find new words in our reading and use them in our writing.
  • We talk and write about the parts of the story.
  • We check our work for correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization.  We ask, “Does our writing make sense?”


In science, we began our unit on Plants and Animals.  We planted our own “lawns” and learned about the parts of a plant, different types of plants, and how they protect themselves. Your student also dissected a lima bean, found the embryo, and learned about the parts of a seed. The first graders will “mow” their grass and will bring them home next week.  When we return from spring break, the first graders will germinate a wheat seed. In May, we will move into our study of animals and our annual first grade animal report.

Important Dates:

  • May 14th (1A) and May 16th (1B) – Our last field trip of the year will be our trip to the Center for Wooden Boats. Field trip forms will be sent when we return from spring break. Keep your eye out for this.
  • Friday, June 7th from 1-2:30 P.M – The annual First Grade Reading Rodeo! This is an event for first graders and parents only. More information to follow.


  • April 15th – Owen (1B) and Alex (1A)
  • April 29th – Oscar (1B) and Evan (1A)


Have a wonderful weekend!

The First Grade Team