1st Grade Newsletter

November 30th, 2018

Dear First Grade Families,


Happy Holiday Season! We all know how the holidays are filled with magic, fun, and business! This is true even in First Grade. Amongst all of the business this time of year, first graders will continue practicing mindfulness in order to help increase our self-compassion. Both 1A and 1B have been incorporating activities to promote mindfulness into our classes. This also will be the focus of our self-regulation curriculum during the month of December.


It has been so wonderful to watch the First Graders grow as readers during these first few months of school. We look forward to another month of reader of the day in December!


With Advent beginning this Sunday, December 2nd, we have begun celebrating and discussing  the gifts God has given us. This Monday, December 3rd, we will continue to celebrate with a Prayer Service.


With the holidays approaching we want to cultivate the true spirit of Christmas in our students. We are lucky to have so many ways to do this here at ASB. Once again kindergarten- 3rd grade classes will be collecting toys/books/gifts to donate to St. Francis House.  St. Francis House offers a place for people in need to come “shop” for gifts for their children for Christmas.  If you are able, please go shopping with your child to pick out an item as your donation to this great cause. Having your child participate helps him/her to more fully understand the idea of helping others.  Here are some guidelines:

  •      All items must be new
  •      Do not gift wrap the item
  •      The item should be targeted for children aged 12 and younger
  •      No clothes, please (they have other sources for that)
  •      Last day to turn in gifts to classroom is Friday, December 14th (they will be picked up the 17th)


The ASB Christmas Concert is scheduled for Thursday, December 13th, 7:00pm at St. Bridget Church.  Please put this on your calendar as it is a required event for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade as well as the Choir and Concert Band.  More information will be released as the date gets closer. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Turner or Mr. Van Pelt.



Next week- Camille (1A) and Finley (1B)

Week of 12/10- Meera (1A) and Cameron (1B)


Dates to Remember:

12/3 Free Dress Food Drive ( First grade brings peanut butter and jelly)

12/8 School Auction

12/13 Christmas Concert 7pm

12/21 Noon Dismissal


Have a great weekend!

The First Grade Team