Assumption St. Bridget School offers a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum for students in PreK-8th grade, ensuring students obtain the skills and knowledge required for their future success.

Assumption St. Bridget School exists to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to its students. Religious instruction is of primary importance in the school. Christian attitudes and actions are integrated into the complete school day. In addition to religion, Assumption St. Bridget School offers a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, and dynamic curriculum for students in PreK through 8th grade. The curriculum includes Common Core Standards along with Seattle Office of Catholic Schools curriculum standards.  ASB has unique curriculum enhancements in comprehensive PreK-8 music, drama, PE programs, intensive Spanish curriculum for grades 5-8, missionary discipleship (service) curriculum, and a newly designed PreK-8 self-regulation/executive functioning curriculum.

The curriculum undergoes continuous evaluation and refinement in response to student needs and current educational research.  It is driven by the School-wide Learning Expectations (SLEs) that have been established for our students and measured via our standards-based report card.  These SLEs help guide us in giving our students the education that they need in order to succeed in future educational experiences and to live productively as Christians, citizens, workers, and family members in their adult lives.

School-Wide Learning Expectations

The faculty and staff, in consultation with the ASB community, developed the School-Wide Learning Expectations. These guide all of our decisions, to ensure that our practices are aligned with the school’s mission and philosophy.Each student of Assumption-St. Bridget School will be a(n):

  1. Reflective Person of Faith
  2. Respectful and Contributing Member of Local and Global Community
  3. Competent and Confident Learner
  4. Self Directed Learner
  5. Effective Communicator