Key Facts

students learning in classroomTuition

Tuition for the 2017-18 school year is $6,920 for parishioners, and $10,740 per student for non-parishioners.  ASB budgets for financial aid to assist parish families with tuition.


Western Catholic Educational Association and approved by Washington State Board of Education.


  • National Catholic Education Association
  • Washington Federation of Independent Schools
  • Association for Middle Level Education
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • National Council for the Social Studies


A rigorous academic program ensures that students obtain the skills and knowledge that will lead to their future success.  The curriculum at ASB is aligned with academic standards set by the State of Washington and the Archdiocese of Seattle, and follows the Common Core Standards.  Our curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, religion, music, drama, art, physical education, technology, Spanish (grades 5-8), family life (grades 5-8), and service projects throughout all grades.


Technology plays a critical role in today’s learning environment, and it provides important teaching and learning tools.  ASB continues to make technology a priority.  Students have access to computers in their classrooms, with nearly a 1:1 wireless device-to-student ratio.  Each classroom is equipped with SMARTBoards and document cameras.  Students in grades K-5 have technology class to build basic competencies.  Students in grades 6-8 utilize technology skills within their core subject areas in an integrated fashion to enhance learning.

  • School-wide Learning Expectations
  • An ASB student is a reflective person of faith.
  • An ASB student is a respectful and contributing member of the local and global community.
  • An ASB student is a competent and confident leader.
  • An ASB student is a self-directed learner.
  • An ASB Student is an effective communicator.